YiHe Academy Origin


  The academy of traditional classics dates from Tang dynasty and completes in Song dynasty.

  The academy of traditional classics is the platform of spreading the Chinese culture and thoughts in folk. It’s the place that the Chinese ancient scholars storing books, sermoning, and writing essays.

  Traditionally, the academy focuses on the mentors not the courses, focuses on the Dao not the techniques. The soul of the academy originated from the unique mentor system which deep inside the scholars’ blood. The academy always lies in pastoral land. The main teaching method of the academy is the mentor and disciples get together, tour around as same time questing and answering. The teaching style is interactive, free and open. The teaching method is series of social gathering of the mentor and the disciples.

  Yihe academy of traditional classics succeeds the traditional culture harmony of nature and human beings, imparts the Dao, develops the spirit of the academy of traditional classics, and tries to reappearing traditional education.



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