Curriculum Vitae
Xian Rui Ma

Professional summary
I initiated” Traditional Culture Training,”as a line of business in china for the first time in the year of 2004. Established the first organization “YI HE Academy of Classics” of professional research and marketing promotion.I worked to use “Xiang Thinking” promote the integration of chinese traditional culture value and modern management theory & system.

Primary skills and focus
· Traditional Chinese Culture, include IChing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Confucian, Tao and Zen based on truly Sampradaya, More than twenty years of experience practing IChing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Confucian, Tao and Zen,which have rich meaning of Life.

· Xiang Thinking. more than hundreds of training experience almost twenty citys all over china, quotes the “Xiang Thinking” theory to support the programes . The pith of the theory is serving for people those who can take“Xiang Thinking” as the thinking models and tools to understand Chinese philosophy and the root of tradition Chinese culture , widely comes to identify with more and more people in different research area that it’s the most distinct feature of Chinese classics to create personal and team motivation for the change situation, especially for industrial society humanbeings both in east&weast.

· Project Management. more than six years of experience as International Professional Training Project Manager(registered by American Training Association). Through the United Kingdom Ministry of Commerce (OGC) organized "controlled environment of PRINCE2 project management certification”, also as PEILI Behavior Analysis International Vocational Training Division(Finland)

‘08 – present: YIHE International Education , Senior Consultant, Beijing,China
for in-depth study on integrating the philosophy of Chinese and Western management system, and other research fellows established “YIHE International Education” in Beijing , intend to gather a group of similar interest partners to work together in order to understand each other east&weast.

‘04 – ‘08: YIHE Academy of Classics, Managing Partner, Beijing,China
As the foundation-layer of “Traditional Culture Training” research in contemporary China, Yihe academy of traditional classics succeeds the traditional culture harmony of nature and human beings, imparts the Tao, develops the spirit of the academy of traditional classics, and tries to reappearing traditional education.

’02 –‘03: Yidan private school of classics , team leader of volunteers, Beijing University, china
Led a multi- major, multi-educational status team offering “To read aloud classics” service for the people,especially served the young person in society. The activities focused on developing nonprofit organization in classics education.

‘93 – ‘01 : Rehabilitation Research Centre,Traditional Chinese Rehabilitation, Beijing,China
Use the combitional methods of Traditional Chinese Rehabilitation ways such as acupuncture、moxibustion 、Yoga、Taiji、meditation and the physical therapy etc. to recover the energy.

· Languages:
Chinese                Mother tongue
English                  Good spoken, satisfactory written

· Education
Education type:                bachelor' s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine Institution name:                               Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China
Year of graduation:          1992

· Memberships
IChing, in the application as soft skills in project management
                                         Project Manager Alliance, Beijing
Chen style Taiji Institute of Beijing
                                         Xiang Thinking in Expert Committee, secretary-general
“from Traditional Chinese Culture to human resources ” Lead Tutor

· Sample projects in international and/or scientific environments
Name of the project: Five Elements recognise people(develop individual potential)
Project duration:
Jan 09 –Oct 09
A professional human resources systems firm in Beijing
Project Champion
Tasks: in order to closely integrated human resources application , Chinese soft skills in project management application provides a unique and effective way to recognise people with Five Elements(Wood/fire/earth/ metal/water) Practical application in the enterprise and individual level, this course it comes down to self-awareness, knowledge and employing people, team match, career development and leadership. to provide meritocracy practice of spiritual cultivation recipe for Project Managers Living in multi-stress environment, This method's effectiveness has been the industry's recognition.
Outcome: focus on promoting Oriental traditional culture value, integrating Chinese traditional culture value and modern management theory & system to continuously generate effective products and services for rapidly developing individuals, corporations,government & Non-profit-Organizations

Name of the project: Chinese management thinking Innovation-- Perspective of China's management wisdom viewed from the “Xiang thinking” 
Project duration:
Jan 08 –Nov 08
Xiang Thinking in Expert Committee
Define, propose, plan and manage the application research program within the framework. Modern project management (PMP/PRINCE2/IPMP) provides a solid infrastructure for the hard aspect of project management, Chinese traditional culture will help on soft aspect of project management such as people management, leadership and motivation, a perfect example of integration of Chinese culture and western management framework be experimented
Outcome: Such as thinking through the training, development of people's original, dynamic, holistic, intuitive perception of right brain thinking

Name of the project: through " Xiang thinking"" build a path towards the harmonious world of thinking
Project duration:
May 07 –Nov 07
a famous association running< harmone china>
designs a set of psychological experiment to support the solution that Chinese thinking style distinguishes itself in the fact that after the appearance of languages and logic, due to the remaining of pictographic basis in the course of its symbolization,the respective Chinese classics were mainly written from “Xiang thinking”.By means of concept thinking, people can understand western classics of metaphysics, yet they may fail to get the same effect as to Chinese classics of various schools. The difference between Chinese and western thinking styles originated from the difference in their ways of thoughts. The western thinking mode is rational, logic and conceptual; Chinese thinking mode, with “Xiang thinking” , is poetic, intuitional and full of the use by metaphor.
Outcome: to understand east&weast here’s the path: to grasp substance, rational logic-concept thinking is necessary, like definition, judgment, deduction or dualism of subject and object , etc. On the other hand, to grasp Taiji, Tao etc. which are dynamic whole or non-substance, perception-related ,“Xiang thinking” rich in poetic association will become essential

Name of the project:
traditional culture practice system (five steps to heart)
Project duration:
Sep 05 – Dec 06
YIHE Academy of Classics as a Training Association member
Consultant, Project Manager
Lead the process design team tasked to base on the Easten " Xiang thinking" in principle, to develop a traditional culture practice system of integration IChing, traditional Chinese medicine, Confucian, Taoism and Zen. Inward view, inward aware of the " five steps to heart”, Created in order to understand characterized by Heaven and Man's " traditional culture practice" series of courses.R&D to teach YIHE’s “traditional culture practice system((five steps to heart)”including ※ IChing method(Refresh Right Brain),※traditional Chinese medicine method ( nourishing the heart ),※Confucian method(amending the heart),※Taoism method(set aside all worries),※Zen method(meditation of light)
Outcome: identified the source of traditional culture practice system is the essence of ancient wisdom password - " Xiang thinking"

Name of the project: Study of the vision of traditional culture and methods of primitive
Project duration:
A public library of an University in Beijing
Oct 04 – Jun 05
Project Manager
research and development in detail the intimate relationship between “Xiang Thinking ” and the philosophical ideas in the book of changes(IChing), The Four Books of Confucianism,Laozi&Zhuangzi(Tao), Zen(Buddhism) and traditional Chinese medicine. To explain as important component of Chinese Wisdom, all above are the result of “Xiang Thinking” . Xiang Thinking also permeates other cultural aspects of Chinese life, including poetry, calligraphy, and painting,etc
Outcome: the research has raised " Xiang thinking " theory, which provides new approaches to interpret the essence and features of the traditional Chinese culture and its thinking model.
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